1 simple tip to eliminate low back pain while sitting at the computer

Wednesday, Jul. 26, 2017
Man sitting at a computer with back pain

Remember when your mom told you to sit up straight?  Well, she was right! The easiest way for you to eliminate back pain while sitting is to maintain proper posture. Several studies clearly demonstrate that sitting with a lumbar roll is essential to preventing back pain while you sit.

Does your back hurt while you sit?
A lumbar roll will help.  It is a cylindrical cushion approximately two inches thick that is placed at your belt level. See a great photo here: http://www.optp.com/The-Original-McKenzie-Lumbar-Roll?kw=lumbar%20roll#....

Chairs are not good at providing proper back support while sitting.
Using a lumbar roll while sitting on a chair with a back rest keeps your back in the correct posture, limiting the stress on your spine and reducing back pain. It’s difficult to maintain correct posture while sitting for prolonged periods of time.  And it’s easy to slouch when you get tired or distracted.  The use of a lumbar roll will ensure you maintain correct posture. Sitting with a lumbar roll can help make you pain-free.

Here’s a great video that demonstrates the importance of good posture.

Using a lumbar roll while sitting will decrease your back pain, it is that simple. If you want more information on finding the right lumbar roll for you, or are living with low back pain now, please visit Lifemark.ca to find a physiotherapist near you.  Decrease your pain, improve your flexibility and get you back to your normal self.