Prevent common lacrosse injuries

Wednesday, Jun. 14, 2017

Talk to any runner, and they will tell you the toll it takes on their body to run on pavement.  The same issue seems to affect box lacrosse players.

Very often, we see lower limb overuse injuries (achilles/patellar tendinopathy) in lacrosse players as a result of consistently running on a hard service for the duration of a game. While most teams typically incorporate a stretching routine into their pre-practice and game rituals, lack of strength and stability through the core and hips as well as muscular imbalance (something too tight, something too weak) can often lead to overuse injuries developing.

compression taping on ankle

With overuse injuries, anytime the body is subjected to a force, the tissue will respond.  If that force is taken away, the tissue heals and the body is none-the-wiser.  However, if that force is maintained, the tissue will begin to break down.  Tendons (where the muscle attaches to the bone) are often subject to these injuries due to poor vascularization (blood flow), and their inability to adapt to different types of force.

Physiotherapy is an effective intervention in these situations as muscular imbalance is identified during a one-on-one assessment, and then addressed with a customized home exercise program, manual therapy, as well as necessary bracing and taping.  The earlier these situations are assessed, the less likely game time will be missed.