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Andrea Cavaliere

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Andrea, a Registered Kinesiologist, uses evidence-based methods to ensure his patients achieve optimal movement and functionality. He prescribes exercises and cues with proper technique based on his patient’s needs, current abilities and goals. Andrea draws a lot of his approach from the CHEK institute, focusing on primal human movements (e.g., squat, push, hinge, etc). He also takes a holistic approach, incorporating diet/nutritional counselling, sleep hygiene, and mindfulness meditation into his sessions. Andrea has worked with many individuals from the population, from sedentary, to chronic/acute injury to high performance clientele.

He completed a Master of Science in Kinesiology/Neuroscience from York University in 2018. He conducted a research study looking at the effects of concussion history and familial dementia history on eye-hand coordination in athletes. He also published a paper noting the relationship between sports involvement in youth and their parents’ athletic history.

Currently, Andrea is greatly invested in learning and applying evidence-based approaches to help rehabilitate those suffering from acute concussion and persistent concussion symptoms, again, using a holistic approach (e.g., exercise, sleep, diet, supplementation, breath work). On his free-time, Andrea loves exercising, whether it be CrossFit, olympic lifting or yoga, he makes time for physical fitness. He also adores reading and discussing geopolitics, history and philosophy.

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