Chris Semenuk
Chris Semenuk
Registered Massage Therapist

Available at multiple locations


Chris’ passion for massage therapy began while he was an international competitor in track and field; during this time he experienced first-hand the healing benefits of massage therapy. After obtaining a National Gold medal in the 400m sprint event in 1996 he was competing at Provincial Championships. After running the semi-final race his calf spasmed to the point that he was stuck with his foot pointing downward. He then received a massage treatment during the 1 hour break before the final; it made all the difference between having to decide to drop out of the 400m hurdle final and achieving a gold medal finish. After completing some pre-med training Chris attended the D’Arcy Lane Institute of Massage Therapy in London and obtained his license in January 2001. Since this time he has been successfully treating patients in the St Thomas and London area from all walks of life; athletes, seniors, weekend warriors, the deskbound, assembly line workers, dancers, you name it. With these hands-on experiences, as well as teaching massage therapy since 2001, Chris has attained the knowledge for treating a wide variety of conditions. Chris has obtained the training/knowledge to incorporate Soft Tissue Release into his therapy to speed up recovery times from conditions. He also has certifications in; Laser Therapy, SpiderTech Kinesio-tape, TENS, Ultrasound, and ETPS. In the summer of 2011 Chris began working on building the Fanshawe College Massage Therapy program and saw it become reality with it being offered in September 2012 as a full time course. Chris has been the team RMT for the UWO Mustangs women’s and men’s track & field and cross country teams since 2001. In the fall of 2011 he became the assistance coach with the Mustangs Track teams and helped guide the Men to their first ever National Championship title. In addition to these teams he has worked with individual National, World and Olympic level athletes, dancers, hockey players and swimmers. Chris is the proud father of two wonderful girls, pushing into their teen years. They have been exposed to massage therapy since before birth and continue to benefit from its effects. With this; he has worked with women throughout their pregnancies, even being present for the birth of a patient’s child when she used massage to alleviate her contraction pain.