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Cindy Stewart
Cindy Stewart

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Cindy has spent most of her career working as a Licensed Practical Nurse and Licensed Massage Therapist in the United States. Having had to find ways to better cope with fibromyalgia over the years, she was motivated to write two books that empowers individuals suffering from fibromyalgia to live more vibrant and fulfilling lives. She is passionate about sharing her years of experience and wisdom in the health care field with others who suffer from chronic pain and are looking for practical solutions that allow them to take back control of their lives.

Having moved to Canada, she has retired from her nursing career and is now dedicated to bringing her knowledge of orthopedic nursing and massage therapy to the Lifemark family in the role of a Custom Bracing Technician and Customer Service Representative. 

Cindy enjoys getting out into the great outdoors - cycling, running, cross country skiing, kayaking, hiking and participating in multi-sport adventure racing. When not outside enjoying what the Okanagan area offers for recreation - she can be found with her husband Randall sipping on fine Okanagan wines while cooking up their favorite French and Italian recipes. 

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