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Darryl Schack

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Darryl completed a Bachelor of Human Kinetics with a specialization in Kinesiology and Health Sciences at the University of British Columbia. He has worked as a practicing kinesiologist specializing in active rehabilitation and strength and conditioning training ever since. Growing up in Kamloops, he developed an early love for sports, outdoor activities, and fitness, which led him to pursue his education in kinesiology. During University he performed athletic training duties for both the UBC women’s rugby team and the Burnaby Lake Rugby Club, where he was actively involved in strength and conditioning components of team training, acute injury care/management, and the active rehabilitation of injured athletes.

Darryl has a great passion for sport and recreation and is constantly pursuing further education in the assessment, management, and rehabilitation of complex musculoskeletal injuries, the management of complex motor control and movement pattern dysfunction, as well as sports and conditioning training. Since graduating Darryl has utilized his skills with a wide variety of populations. He has over 5 years of experience working with motor vehicle accident, workplace, and sport/recreation injuries. In addition Darryl has over 7 years of experience working with high level athletes in a sport performance setting.

In addition to being a University Educated Practicing Kinesiologist he is also a Kinetic Link Level 1&2 accredited strength and conditioning trainer, and a Functional Movement Screen Level 1&2 Certified movement screener.


  • Kinetic Link
  • Fms Level 1 And 2
  • Strength And Conditioning

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