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Dr. Charles Le Blanc is a Chiropractor, graduating from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 1995. He has over 26 years of experience in helping patients. Originally, Charles is from a small fisherman village in New Brunswick called Richibouctou. His passions are philosophy, international economics and poetry books, foreign cuisine, camping, tennis (and many racket sports, and the martial arts (both internal and external).

His journey into Chiropractic started at a very early age (three months!) when he was diagnosed with whooping cough. Upon taking x-rays of his lungs, they discovered that he had a spinal condition called scoliosis. Charles was regularly monitored over the years until he had a surgery when he was 16 years old. The surgery was a necessity because his condition was getting worse over the years. His scoliosis is a big reason that he got into Chiropractic, especially everything relating to spine, nervous system and posture.

Over the years, Charles researched and studied many techniques/approaches (especially relating to posture). He finally came upon his current technique called Neuo Kinetic Integrative Technique. It's a very gentle and comfortable approach that assesses/treats the body/spine while standing, sitting and laying down. A treatment will last over 20 minutes of using a hands-on method. Charles believes this technique/approach is the better way to help his patients.

There's a saying for a healthy body that "structure determines function". Charles believes your posture is the window to your spine, and any shift/misalignment in your posture means one, a couple, or all of the following spinal conditions: weakness, injury and/or damage. Any shift/misalignment will decrease/compromise the nerve supply to your cells (ie. joints), tissues (ie. muscles) and organ systems, thus affecting their functions, repair and healing.

For people with pain and/or health concerns, please schedule an appointment to determine how he can help you.