Dr. Chuck Dauphinee
Dr. Chuck Dauphinee

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Dr. Chuck Dauphinee was always interested in health and fitness. He obtained a Bachelor of mechanical engineering at Dalhousie University focusing on biomedical engineering and biomechanics. He completed his professional engineering designation while at the same time became a personal trainer.

Success with chiropractic treatment for his own sports injuries lead to his decision to attend the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. After graduation, he decided to specialize in sports injuries and has logged over 1500 hours working with various sports ranging from hockey to squash to track and field to CrossFit. This experience has helped him understand the common injuries in each sport and how to prevent them. Dr. Dauphinee is now a clinical athlete provider where he is able to collaborate with some of the top clinicians worldwide on athletic rehabilitation and performance.

Dr. Dauphinee's contributions led him to become the lead medical for the Sidney Crosby Hockey School. He was also the first chiropractor to be part of the Hockey Nova Scotia performance camps and assisted with the Canada Games 2015 male hockey team development. He currently works with the Saint Mary’s University Football and Hockey programs as part of their medical staff.

Dr. Dauphinee has several skills outside of advanced manipulation. He is a Functional Range Release (FR®) practitioner which is an advanced and comprehensive system of musculoskeletal assessment, treatment to help remold tissue and obtain greater ranges of motion. He also is a Functional Range Conditioning (FR®) mobility specialist and performs instrument assisted soft tissue techniques, athletic taping, bracing and kinesiotaping.

Outside of clinic, Dr. Dauphinee practices what he preaches. He is an avid fitness enthusiast and has been heavily involved in body building, hockey, volleyball and weightlifting.