Dr. Chuck Dauphinee
Dr. Chuck Dauphinee

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Dr. Chuck Dauphinee obtained a Bachelor of mechanical engineering at Dalhousie University focusing on biomedical engineering and biomechanics. He completed his professional engineering designation while at the same time became a personal trainer. Success with chiropractic treatment and sports injuries lead to his decision to attend the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. After graduation, he decided to specialize in sports injuries and was accepted into the Sports Sciences Residency Program through the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences (Canada).

Dr. Dauphinee has been part of medical teams across several sports acting as a chiropractor and sport first responder.  His contributions led him to become Lead Medical for the inaugural Sidney Crosby Hockey School in August 2015 and will return again at the next hockey school. He was also the first chiropractor to be part of the Hockey Nova Scotia Performance Camps and assisted with the development of the Canada Games 2015 Male hockey team. He continues to help out with the Saint Mary’s University Athletic Therapy department with injury management and performance development, with his most time spent with their football program.

Dr. Dauphinee has a collaborative approach to treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of pain and dysfunction, with a keen interest in sports medicine and movement disorders. His goal is to provide the answers his patients are looking for regarding their pain and offer the means to help optimize their performance and health. He is keen on working with other health professionals to help reach patient’s expectations with a patient focused approach.

Dr. Dauphinee is an Integrated Therapeutics™ provider which is a treatment methodology that includes a thorough and extensive assessment, using multiple functional measures, designed to uncover the root biomechanical causes of pain, altered movement, and decreased athletic performance. Using a combination of instrument assisted fascial manipulation (Integr8r tool), muscle release techniques, rehabilitation techniques, kinesiotaping, athletic taping and Diversified Chiropractic techniques, Dr. Dauphinee delivers results to meet patients’ goals. 

Dr. Dauphinee’s enthusiasm with respect to fitness goes beyond the confines of clinic. He has a keen interest in body building and powerlifting techniques and you will find him in the squat rack most times in the gym. “Fitness is key. Being strong but knowing your muscle weaknesses will take you to the next level of performance.”  He also tries to change up his cardio workouts with squash matches, volleyball, high intensity interval training and power skating.