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Dr. Michael Westaway

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Michael is a contractor to Lifemark Health. He owns Westaway Enterprises which contracts out to Lifemark Springborough (403 240 0124: T, R, Sat) and Lifemark Village Square (403 280 9728: M, W, F). He also practices out of the Caleo Health Center as a spine triage practitioner; Caleo Health is a center that assesses and processes spinal patients- Michael works with 7 orthopaedic surgeons. Dr. Westaway graduated from the University of Toronto with a biochemistry degree in 1984. He then did Osteopathic training at the Michener Institute in combination of attending McMaster University for Physical Therapy. He graduated in 1987. He then went on to do his Masters at the University of Calgary 1998 (thesis: 3-dimensional CT scan C1/2 rotation and its impact on the deformation of the vertebral artery). Michael then pursued his clinical doctorate (DSc) at Andrews University (research project: Efficacy of cervical spine facet joint injections). Michael then acquired his acupuncture certification in 1994 and his Fellowship in Manual and Manipulative Therapy (FCAMT) in 1996. Michael has published approximately 12 peer–reviewed research publications in outcome measures, cervical spine biomechanics, and MVA-related central hypersensitivity (with Dr. Geoff Schneider PT). He has taught an evidence–based Management of whiplash associated disorder course with Dr. Geoff Schneider PT DSc PhD(C) and Ashley Smith PT PhD(C). Michael is presently an adjunct lecturer in orthopaedics at McMaster University and is co-teaching a Diagnostic Imaging Course at the University of Alberta. Michael also is the President of the Canadian Orthopractic Manipulative Therapy Association advocating safe and responsible use of high velocity, low amplitude manipulation. Michael has and continues to serve on various committees at the National and Provincial level. Michael is married to Myra Westaway who is a kinesiologist, Physical Therapist and hand therapist. They have two children.

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