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Hani Reyad
Registered Massage Therapist

Available at multiple locations

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Hani is a Registered Massage Therapist who is well-versed in a wide variety of techniques, such as deep tissue massage, aromatherapy, general Swedish massage, advanced techniques (cross fiber friction, muscle approximation, trigger point, PNF), and reflexology. He is able to match his clients’ needs with the techniques that are most effective in treating their condition and managing their symptoms.

Hani is not only adept at understanding what techniques will bring his client relief, but he is also knowledgeable about how the different parts of the body work in tandem with each other. He is aware that sometimes patients require a combination of services and is skilled at recognizing when his client would benefit from another form of therapy.

It is Hani’s passion to help people feel good and live with less pain and fatigue.