Jared Maynard
Jared Maynard
PT, MSc (PT), HBSc Kin, CSCS

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Jared attended McMaster University, graduating from the Honours Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology program. He went on to pursue his Master of Science in Physical Therapy degree from Queen’s University, and then entered the world of clinical practise. As a clinician, he has a profound desire to continually learn new things to provide effective, evidence-based care to every patient. He has pursued courses for advanced manual therapy, acupuncture certification, concussion assessment and management, strength and conditioning and sports injury rehabilitation.

He is a proud Clinical Athlete provider and especially loves working with athletes to return them to their sport of choice. When he’s not working with clients, Jared is likely to be found reading and appraising research or listening to podcasts related to physiotherapy or strength and conditioning.

Jared is the co-owner of Axolotl Strength, an online powerlifting coaching service which has produced national-level competitors. In addition to coaching his athletes and handling them on meet day, Jared is a competitor himself within the Canadian Powerlifting Union. He was the trainer for the Peterborough Wolverines Senior Varsity Rep Football Team during their 2016 season, and has an athletic background which includes football, basketball and Kung-Fu.

Jared is also passionate about providing clinical education opportunities for current or prospective physiotherapy students, and hosting free seminars on various topics for members of the community. Outside of work and his own training, Jared’s time is devoted to his lovely wife and his growing family.