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Jean Bridle
Registered Massage Therapist

Available at multiple locations

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Jean has been practicing in her field of massage therapy for the last eleven years, with nine and a half of those being with the Lifemark company. She makes her professional home at the Purdy’s Wharf location where she is an active participant at the property’s Fitness Centre and frequently encounters long time clients at fitness and social events. Jean takes a genuine interest in the lives of her clients and is dedicated to helping them to find the best in their quality of living. She has continually researched and studied to enhance her knowledge and further her desire to help her clients who are a part of her practice. Jean has a thirst for knowledge that has brought her to the study of Myofascial therapy, Craniosacral therapy, Structural Integration and various exercise and training techniques such as stability ball and foam rolling training and kinesiotaping courses. Jean’s priority in her practice is the well being of the people who come through her door seeking help. She does not feel she is in the business of fixing people but of helping them achieve their full potential and is always willing to learn something from them, as she hopes they can take away something of benefit from each visit. Her philosophy to treatment is to determine what the physical body needs and work on the goal of bringing harmony to the body. Her passion for life and living extends into her passion for gardening and the outdoors. She enjoys cooking and has an addiction to almost any kind of book. She loves to camp and hike and likes to keep active in an effort to maintain her own health so that she has 100% to give to her clients every day.