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Josie completedĀ a Master of ScienceĀ in Physical Therapy at the University of Alberta. Prior to this, Josie completed a Bachelor of Exercise Science from Southwestern Oklahoma State University. Throughout her years of education, travel, and sport, Josie has gained an exciting perspective of how to live a pain-free life that promotes a healthy and active lifestyle.

Her experiences as a collegiate and professional soccer player have provided her with the importance of physiotherapy in athletics and the benefits of individualizing injury prevention and rehabilitation programs. Her experience working within the renowned Scripps Medical Centre in San Diego has allowed Josie to gain integrative tools and a holistic understanding of how to best support patients in their rehabilitation journey.

As a personal trainer, Josie has the experience to educate and guide clients throughout all stages of recovery, while working towards a life-long habit of healthy living. Josie understands the importance of holding others accountable to their goals and finding the means to motivate them in doing so.

In her spare time, Josie enjoys volunteering for Calgary Special Olympics, competing in CrossFit, and traveling to new countries. Josie is committed to being a life-long learner as she continues to work towards post-graduate studies that will further help her, help her clients.

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