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Julie has over 25 years of extensive experience as a physiotherapist treating clients with a variety of orthopedic issues and pain, including headaches, migraines, back and neck pain, post-operative pain, repetitive use injuries, sports injuries and concussions as well as problems resulting from sedentary lifestyles or prolonged periods of immobility due to illness. Julie is passionate about helping individuals discover the root cause of their problem and working with them to achieve their full potential to get well and enjoy life!

Having always embraced an active lifestyle and participated in a variety of sports including ultimate frisbee, dragon boat racing, baseball, volleyball, martial arts, kickboxing, track and field, cross country skiing, golf, running, strength training, cycling and yoga, Julie believes that exercise is medicine for the body and mind! With her personal experience and understanding of how the body works and feels in motion along with a special interest in stress and anxiety, Julie sees each person as a whole being who deserves to reach their goals and become the best version of themselves.

Julie’s personal and professional journey offered many opportunities to reflect and seek the latest information and techniques to treat pain and return the body to its optimal level of function. She discovered in the early 2000’s the amazing benefits of fascia release and pursued training and became skilled at CranioSacral Therapy from the Upledger Institute and Myofascial Release Approach from John F. Barnes. The mind body connection was impossible to ignore and Julie continued on her search for answers to better help her clients (including herself and her loved ones!) by taking courses from Suzanne Sculock Durana’s curriculum “Healing From the Core” and also becoming a yoga instructor.

In 2010 she completed her Contemporary Medical Acupuncture training at McMaster University and keeps up to date with the latest research in pain science and recovery. She has taken courses in Pain Science and Recovery and Therapeutic Yoga with Neil Pearson and most recently A World of Hurt: Central Nervous System Pain Mechanisms Patient Education and Exercise Prescriptions with Annie O’Connor and Melissa Watson from the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.

Julie’s hands on approach using fascia release and acupuncture along with education, exercise prescription, mindful movement and regulation of the autonomic nervous system complements her positive attitude and compassion for each and every person seeking relief from pain and dysfunction.