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Lisa Gauder
Energy Healer

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Lisa Marie is an Energy Healer, Medical Intuitive, Master Practitioner of NLP, TimeLine Therapy and Global Institute Head and Trainer of Hypnotherapy. Her approach to health and wellness focuses on healing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. She uses a combination of all her healing modalities as well as her transformational mindset/strategy coaching tools to create a custom session.

Healing is not only her passion but her life’s purpose. As a life student she is continuously learning various healing arts. Through these learnings, experiences, and the wisdom gained from her own personal transformation, she has become the inspirational trainer and Universal Healer that she is today.

Her mission statements are:

1. To guide clients who feel stuck and held back by fear, anxiety, and negative emotions to live a life of joy, purpose, and self-love.

2. To guide the transformation of Health Professionals who suffer from burnout and compassion fatigue to create balance and freedom to live a happy, healthy, wealthy life.

Lisa Marie also offers Personal Transformation Packages, workshops and training, soul retreats, guided meditations, and mentorship through www.universal-healing.ca.