Melissa Benoit
Melissa Benoit

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Melissa graduated from the University of Alberta in 2005 with her Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. Since graduating Melissa has been certified in her medical acupuncture through the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute and dry needling (intramuscular stimulation) through Kinetacore. In 2008 she returned to university to complete her Masters in Clinical Science in Manipulative Therapy through the University of Western Ontario, and is a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy. Melissa has completed numerous other courses including courses in the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy as well as in Kinesio Taping. In 2013 Melissa attended Neurac courses in the Redcord education program and uses Neurac techniques in her treatment with the Redcord Workstation suspension system. Redcord has been developed by medical progression in Norway and aims to restore normal function by stimulating the interaction between brain, receptors, joint stability, and muscle activation. Neurac uses a progression of pain free closed kinetic chain exercises on the Redcord Workstation which allows the therapist to full suspend a patient. This is beneficial for pain relief, detecting compensatory patterns, core strengthening, and muscle isolation retraining. For more information about Redcord and Neurac treatment look at www.redcord.com Melissa values an active lifestyle, and when not at work or attending a course, can be found doing Pilates, golfing, or stand up paddling boarding. The only thing that out-weighs her love of activity is her love of adventure and travel. It is not uncommon to find Melissa on an airplane headed to a foreign country in search of adventure, and often with her stand up paddle board in hand.