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Dr. Merry Miller is a registered psychologist who provides consulting services to Lifemark. She is affiliated with the occupational rehabilitation programs, the head injury program, and works in conjunction with other clinicians on a referral basis. This work typically focuses on psychological factors which impact recovery from injury which includes management of depression, anxiety/fears, pain, and stress. In addition to her ongoing work with Lifemark programs, Dr. Miller provides services to private clients on a fee for service basis. Much of her private work is related to sport and performance psychology. As such, Merry is noted for her applied work with amateur and professional athletes preparing for national and international level competition. Other skills Merry helps athletes develop include confidence, concentration, managing emotions, visualization, goal setting, and motivation. Dr. Miller’s professional credentials include a Ph. D. from Florida State University and a M. A. and B. A. from Central Michigan University. She has conducted research on confidence, motivation, team cohesion, and overtraining/burnout as it relates to sport performance. Affiliated with sport throughout her life, Merry has been an athlete and professional coach in Canada and the United States. She is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA) and strongly committed to coach education as a long-time facilitator in Canada’s National Coaching Certification Program.

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