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Michael Ross
Ph. D.

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Dr. Ross has over 25 years of experience helping individuals deal with a wide variety of personal problems and challenges.  He has extensive expertise in providing effective treatments for managing chronic pain, anxiety and depression.  He is very aware and concerned with helping individuals and family members cope with the changes to their lifestyles that they must make as a result of injuries, including concussions and head injuries.  He also has expertise in helping people deal with difficult interpersonal relationships at home and in the workplace, including helping couples deal with emotional, intimacy and sexual problems.  More recently he has worked on developing treatment approaches for persons who have Attention Deficit Disorder.  Additionally, he provides Independent Assessments for insurers to help answer questions related to diagnosis, treatment planning and the extent of limitations and restrictions.

Dr. Ross has a Ph. D. in clinical psychology and in the past has been Director of Training for a Ph. D. internship program at a local hospital.   He is cross-appointed to the Psychology Department at Dalhousie University and formerly taught the Ph. D. psychotherapy course there.  He has extensive experience supervising and training others in the art and science of psychotherapy, having supervised over 100 mental health professionals, medical residents and psychology trainees.  He is a former President of the Association of Psychologists of Nova Scotia.

Dr. Ross is a kind and caring professional who is interested in motivating his clients to achieve their goals and in teaching them the skills necessary to make the adjustments in their lives that they must make.  He is calm and supportive while still being able to challenge his clients and encourage change.  Therapeutically, he uses Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Motivational Interviewing in his work with clients.

Personally, Dr. Ross is an avid bridge player, gym regular and occasional kayaker. 


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