Patricia (Trisha) Doiron
Patricia (Trisha) Doiron
Registered Massage Therapist

Available at multiple locations


After a lifelong interest in helping, caring and teaching people, Trisha’s journey in alternative treatment started in 2008 with personal growth in Reiki and crystal treatment followed by Chinese medicine in 2011 when she enrolled at CCTCMA. After completing two years in acupuncture & massage therapy in 2013, with 260 hours in massage therapy, Trisha continued following her passion helping people and joined MaKami College in the summer of 2015 to complete a 3000-hour program in advanced massage therapy and fitness training to further specialize in massage therapy. After four years of study and completion of her 3000-hour diploma, Trisha is now available to offer full-time services in massage therapy.

The love, passion and desire to help others carry through her massage and is felt by her clients. To provide her clients with an extraordinary experience, Trisha uses a combination of soft music and calming relaxing aroma therapy during all treatments.

During her schooling, Trisha learned a broad array of modalities such as body scrubs treatment, herbal body wrap, cupping and hot stone therapy, myofascial release and pre-natal massage. If you enjoy relaxation, deep tissue or therapeutic massage Trisha will be able to adhere to your choice of treatment and provide you with an exceptional experience leaving you feel refreshed, limber and clear minded.

Passionate about life, nature and taking care of herself, Trisha often finds herself hiking in the wonderful retreat of our Western mountains in Kananaskis Country to recharge and balance herself surrounded with natural wonders. Trisha does her best to eat a healthy balanced diet. She enjoys running, biking, yoga and pilates.