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Sasha Galve
Sasha Galve
Occupational Therapist

Available at multiple locations


Sasha started her career in 2010, after completing her Occupational Therapy degree in the Philippines. She has worked in many different areas, focusing on Community Occupational Therapy, where she has worked with over 4000 families.

She has since finished her bridging program at McMaster University in Toronto, and uses her expertise to work help clients involved in Motor Vehicle Accidents, and Long Term Disability. She has taken special interest in psychosocial training, sensory integration and cognitive re-training, and return to work planning for her clients.

Sasha is known for her many awards she has won throughout her career, including the Michael Cook Excellency award for leadership and the Student Association Leadership award in 2019.

Outside of work, Sasha is working towards her PhD, and enjoys spending time with friends, and not depriving herself of the simple things in life, like good food!

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