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Scott Maddison
Physical Therapist Intern. MScPT, BKin

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For the last ten years, I have devoted a significant portion of my time and energy towards the topic of pain; where it comes from, what effects it can have in both physical and mental aspects, and, of course, how to manage it. Working collaboratively with you to develop an individualized program as well as a better understanding of your pain, I aim to help you regain control over it. I have always taken an approach heavily grounded in exercise and education; my rationale being to reduce the reliance on the healthcare system and empower you as a capable member of your rehab team, as well as to be as consistent as possible with the best research evidence in my practice.

I come from a very sport and exercise-oriented background, having completed a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree from the University of Calgary prior to my Master of Science in Physical Therapy at the University of Alberta. During my time at the U of A, I created several resources, such as an exercise-oriented performance package for squash players, a guide on how to adapt exercises for children based on fundamental movements, and a document on how to explain injuries using a "Load Vs Capacity" model. My rationale for doing this is that I believe exercise is for everyone, and is one of the best ways to treat injury now, to prevent it from coming back, and to stay healthy for life. 

My interests outside of the physiotherapy world include cooking, hiking, and strength training with my fiancée. I have played guitar for fifteen years, and thoroughly enjoy exploring music, anywhere from a simple listen to having a conversation about how classical composers influenced extreme metal bands of the modern age. I have played a wide variety of sports in my time, but my favorites have always remained baseball and basketball.