Tara Tait
Tara Tait
Registered Massage Therapist

Available at multiple locations


Tara is a 3000-hour Registered Massage Therapist and a certified yoga instructor. She combines her passion for massage, yoga therapy and educating people with preventative and rehabilitative care. Having experienced and recovered from several injuries herself, Tara understands the importance of feeling confident and capable in achieving the activities that bring joy and fulfilment.

Tara has worked with a variety of patients ranging from elite athletes to people with acute or chronic conditions such as crushed disks and post-operative surgeries, cancer, postural imbalances and over-use injuries. Tara’s mission for every client is to provide a proper assessment and to develop and create a realistic home-care regime based on the client's goals and individual needs. 

Tara is a long-time runner and understands the benefits that manual therapies provide. Her modalities include myofascial release, trigger-point therapy, stretching and active yoga core-based rehabilitation exercises.

Tara spends time volunteering at many local marathons and health venues providing massage and health-care plans to community members. She also loves spending time in nature hiking, kayaking, surfing, and sailing.