Vicki McGuire
Chinese Medicine

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Vikki is a graduate of Calgary College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and also interned with Dr. David Chu; a pioneer in the field of Chinese Medicine in Canada. Vikki received valuable clinical experience under Dr. Chu for two years at his practice in Calgary. Her specialities grew in sports medicine, pain management, auto-immune and nervous system diseases, menopause, PMS, weight loss and emotional disorders (insomnia, depression and anxiety). She uses her extensive experience of acupuncture, herbs and nutrition to prevent and treat a variety of disorders.

Whether you are looking for prevention to maintain your health, or treatments for pre-existing conditions, Vikki works as a team with you and your lifestyle to provide optimal results. Vikki’s treatment style is a mix of a traditional Chinese techniques for internal and chronic conditions combined with sports medicine needling which combines IMS, motor point and trigger point work to effectively. She uses Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques such as cupping, acupuncture, vibrational tuning forks, meditation, intra muscular stimulation, herbal prescriptions or nutritional/ lifestyle plans.

Vikki graduated as a Registered Acupuncturist from the Calgary College of TCM in 2008 and continued her studies over a few years to become a Dr. of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She is passionate and dedicated to your health and utilizes the latest research and techniques to achieve results.

With all health problems, it can be a combination of mental, physical and spiritual imbalances. That is why every treatment is individualized for every person. No two people or diagnoses are the same.

In 2015 Vikki become very interested in functional movement and how it applies to pain relief. Having suffered chronic back issues most of her adult life and the emotional toll it can take, she went on a mission to figure out movement patterns that decreased pain. That is when she discovered the benefits of Stott’s Pilates and how it applies to all muscular /skeletal pain and its relief. Vikki went on to take the teacher training program to better help her clients stay pain free.

In her free time, she is an outdoor enthusiast. Whether it’s hiking (year-round) biking, canoeing, kayaking, long walks in the forest or adventure travelling she loves to experience life to the fullest.