Wylie Redmond
Wylie Redmond
Registered Massage Therapist

Available at multiple locations


Wylie is a graduate of ICT Northumberland College's 2200 hour massage therapy program. He also obtained a Master in Religious studies from SMU - where he studied the globalization of religion and culture.

After spending a mixed working life in academics, banking, and teaching meditation, Wylie decided that he wanted to develop a career in which he could help people therapeutically. His decision to become a registered massage therapist has been fulfilling. He thrives on helping his clients with physical rehabilitation, relaxation, and/or pain relief.

During his time at Northumberland College, Wylie built upon an academic knowledge of the body acquiring a wealth of information regarding human anatomy and pathology. He combined said knowledge with practical techniques and experience enabling him to treat conditions such as PES planus, TMJ, compartmental syndromes, piriformis syndrome, hypertonic musculature, frozen shoulder, tendonitis, strains/sprains, postural conditions, etc. In fact, Wylie was so adept at combing the scientific and practical aspects of massage therapy that during his studies he was the recipient of the 'Wholistic Therapist Award', as voted on by faculty and staff. He won because he “best exemplifies a practitioner who manages the art, science and spirit of massage therapy in all its forms.”

Wylie demonstrates particular interest in myofascial, deep-tissue massage, neurofascial release, and trigger-point therapy. He utilizes these techniques as well as others, designing a treatment that best suits the condition of his clients. He is committed to creating a treatment plan unique to his client's needs, by incorporating information garnered from a brief interview and intake, hands-on postural assessment, special tests, and in-treatment palpation. He provides take-home instruction for personal care to further the healing process. Wylie is a compassionate, calm, dedicated professional who has chosen to be a massage therapist with the sole purpose of helping you live a better life - stress-free and pain-free.