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Zaria Roohbakhsh
MSc Physiotherapy, Chinese medicine and acupuncture

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Zaria graduated with a master degree in Physiotherapy in Iran from Shiraz university of medical sciences. She worked as a physiotherapist for 8 years in her hometown Shiraz. 

Zaria changed her path in Canada and studied Chinese medicine and acupuncture. Chinese medicine looks at the body as holistic. In treatment, her goal is to find the root cause of the patient’s health issues, treat, prevent and bring back balance to the body. For these purposes, Zaria uses all Chinese medicine remedies such as Acupuncture, herbal medicine formula, cupping, Guasha and Tuina massage. 

Zaria’s fields of interest are pain management (musculoskeletal, joint pain), Women’s health (menstration issues, menopause, infertility), digestive issues, weight management, Stress, insomnia, Skin problems and facial acupuncture.