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Zarna Panchal
Physiotherapy Resident

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Zarna is a resident Physiotherapist, registered with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario and a member of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

She graduated in 2016. Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Fitness and Health Promotion and Physiotherapy practice within the Canadian health care context.

Zarna enjoys working with patients of all ages, especially with geriatric and pediatric patients and patients with disabilities. Growing up, she has seen her grandparents going through intensive physiotherapy for fracture of hip and hemiplegia (paralysis of half body) and that led her to become a physiotherapist so she can help others become more independent.

Zarna's areas of intrest in physiotherapy practice include orthopedic disorders, balance disorders, falls prevention, ergonomics/posture and woman's health. She firmly believes that educating the patient goes a long way to help them become independent. She is a strong advocate of quality of care, continuing education and mentoring.

Outside of the clinic, Zarna keeps herself busy by admiring natural scenary, capturing photos of animals, listening to music, hiking, cooking, spending time with family, attending educational webinars and providing virtual consultation to patients in need.