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Supply chain training and employment program


Are you unemployed or underemployed and actively looking for work? We can help.

Customized training and employment support

The exciting and expansive supply chain sector is growing, and is in need of workers with the right skills.

Lifemark, with funding from the Government of Alberta and Government of Canada, is offering the Supply Chain Training and Employment Program to eligible Albertans at no cost to help you join this workforce.

Education and skills training

The program will prepare you for entry to mid-level positions in the supply chain industry. Training will include:

  • 9 weeks of classroom training including essential skills, occupational skills, computer skills, health and safety training, employment preparation, and job search
  • Specialized training in the following streams: transportation, material handling, administration, and frontline supervisor
  • 1-4 weeks work experience placement
  • Support from multidisciplinary team including an Employment Counsellor, Job Developers, and Technical Facilitators

Are you eligible?

You may be eligible if you:

  • Are a resident of Alberta, 18 years of age or older
  • Legally able to work in Canada
  • Have English language proficiency
  • Have completed high school/GED

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Need assistance recruiting employees with the right skills? We can help. We’ll work with you to deliver training tailored to your business needs to assist recruitment.

Customized training and employment support

The exciting and expansive supply chain sector is growing, and Lifemark is offering a Supply Chain Training and Employment Program to eligible Albertans at no cost to help them join this workforce. The program, developed in consultation with employers in the supply chain industry, includes the following components:

Core training

  • 5 weeks of curated workshops on occupational skills, essential skills, safety training and certifications
  • 2 weeks of supply chain specific computer training
  • 2 weeks of employment preparation workshops (including cover letters, resumes, job search techniques, and many more topics)

Specialized training streams

Each participant will have the option to complete specialized courses in one of the following streams:

  • Transportation
  • Material Handling/Equipment Operation
  • Administration
  • Frontline Supervision

Lifemark has partnered with experienced and reputable training providers to deliver many of these specialized courses, including the Supply Chain Management Association of Alberta and Chinook Learning Services.

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Our participants, your candidates

Lifemark screens applicants to the program to ensure that all participants meet minimum eligibility requirements and are ready, willing, and able to take on full-time work. We require that our participants:

  • Are legally able to work in Canada
  • Have completed a high school diploma/GED
  • Have English Language proficiency
  • Have no health conditions or physical restrictions that would preclude them from working in their targeted position
  • Are ready to tackle new and exciting challenges and are open to building new skills

Our team

Job Developer
  • Will work with you to identify suitable candidates based on your unique business needs. Our Job Developers will be your recruiters
Employment Counselors
  • Will work with you to build customized training plans, to ensure candidates are qualified after graduation
  • Deliver core and occupational training courses specific to the supply chain sector
  • Provide constructive feedback and coaching to facilitate skills transfer to the workplace
Worksite Safety Trainer
  • Ensures participants safely meet the physical job demands of your positions
Advisory Council
  • Maintain industry relationships and ensures materials are current and meet industry standards

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About us

Lifemark has been providing a comprehensive range of vocational services throughout Alberta for more than two decades including vocational assessments, employability assessments, employment preparation, labour market analysis, interest and aptitude testing, transferable skills analysis, psychological counselling, career counselling, resume preparation, computer training, job search skills development, supported job search, job placement, job coaching, and more!


What if I experience a problem during the placement?

If you experience a problem, please contact us so that we can collaboratively develop a solution. A Work Experience Placement Agreement, developed prior to the placement, should help minimize issues by setting out expectations and responsibilities of each party over the period of the placement.

What does it cost to participate?

Nothing! Lifemark will train, screen and match participants to your needs at no cost to you.

Am I required to hire the participants after the placement?

No, while we hope you are matched with a participant that suits your business needs and is a good fit for your organization, we recognize that this may not always be the case. You are not required to offer permanent employment after the duration of the work experience placement has expired.

Can I take multiple placements?

Yes, you are allowed to participate in multiple work experience placement for one or more positions.

What about coverage?

While attending the program, all participants are deemed to be workers of the Government of Alberta (GOA) for the sole purpose of receiving workers’ compensation benefits under the Workers’ Compensation Act. If injured in an accident, participants are entitled to claim workers’ compensation benefits and have resigned their rights to take legal action against the GOA, any other employer of worker covered by the Workers’ Compensation Act.

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