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Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Concussion Management, Cancer Rehabilitation, Pelvic Health, Vertigo Treatment, Occupational Therapy and many more rehabilitation services are conveniently located in over 100 clinics across Canada.

We offer friendly service and professionally trained and accredited physiotherapists, occupational therapists and sports medicine experts to treat your pain and help you recover your optimum health.  Take the first step and find the location nearest you!


Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Vertigo Treatment, Occupational Therapy in 100 Clinics Across the Country

Centric Health, LifeMark Health provides physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture and many other health care rehabilitation services in more than 100 clinics across Canada. Whether you have carpal tunnel, knee pain, TMJ or arthritis symptoms, are seeking athletic therapy to reach your full potential, or need to relieve stress or dizziness and vertigo, we offer physiotherapy and other professional services to help! Even after you have been to one of our physiotherapy clinics near your home to recover from an illness or injury, you can easily select your own physiotherapist or other therapist and specialty area in many regions of the country that you may be travelling to. No matter what physiotherapy rehabilitation treatment you require, you will receive the same consistent, collaborative, clinical attention from professional Centric Health, LifeMark Health staff in every clinic.


Achieving the Best Results With Physiotherapy and Interdisciplinary Professionals

Are you suffering from muscular injuries, lower back pain, a knee injury, or stiff muscles? At Centric Health, LifeMark Health you are in good hands with the best professional physiotherapists, chiropractors, occupational therapists, pelvic health specialists, dizziness and balance therapists, concussion management experts, cancer rehabilitation therapists, massage therapists and sports medicine experts. Our highly trained physiotherapy teams bring healthcare to another level by working together to treat your pain and get you back to living comfortably and actively again! Above and beyond the physiotherapy rehabilitation services we provide directly to patients, we also offer occupational therapy and employer services for WSIB and long term disability claims.


Our Exceptional Commitment Is To You – Our Patient

We offer an unwavering promise to you to deliver the best physiotherapy rehabilitation treatment available. Our commitment is also to ensure that physiotherapy and other clinical staff are provided with exceptional opportunities to learn and grow. In addition to the highest quality physiotherapy treatment, our exceptional clinicians also provide assessment and treatment in balance, dizziness, and vertigo rehabilitation, cancer rehabilitation, concussion management and baseline testing, and pelvic health. Take the first step and find the location nearest you!

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