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Vocational rehabilitation career and employment services

Lifemark is a national provider of Vocational Rehabilitation & Career and Employment Services

Our experienced staff across Canada are ready to assist with your individual needs:

  • I am an Employer

    Lifemark provides help with your recruitment needs by connecting you with candidates who have the skills, experience and training you need. When available, we link you to wage contributions and cost saving benefits. Let us help you access a talent pool of qualified job seekers to develop your workforce.

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  • I am a Funder

    Lifemark delivers vocational assessments, career counselling, service management, training and skill acquisition, and job search services to clients on behalf of governments, insurers, workers’ compensation boards, and employers across Canada. Let our team assist you with your referral needs.

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  • I am looking for Career Assistance

    Lifemark helps you with career development, identifying skills and barriers, career exploration, training and development, resume and cover letters, preparing you for work, connecting you to employment, and supporting you in your new job.

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  • I am a Community Partner

    Lifemark is committed to maintaining ongoing relationships within the community to enhance the services we provide to our clients and customers. Learn more about our community engagement, including connections to training or service providers, agencies, and associations.

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What is Vocational Rehabilitation?

Our Vocational Rehabilitation services assist individuals who have functional, psychological, developmental, cognitive, and emotional disabilities, impairments, or health disabilities to overcome barriers to securing, maintaining, and keeping employment.

What are Career and Employment Services?

We provide Career and Employment Services to unemployed or underemployed individuals facing barriers to employment such as difficult labour market conditions, skills shortages, and limited work experience.

How can Vocational Rehabilitation and Career and Employment Services help?

We provide the following services:

  • Recruitment assistance – job postings, job matching, online job board, employer incentives
  • Assessment services – Transferable Skills Analysis (TSA), vocational evaluation, psycho-vocational, psycho-educational, labour market analysis, interest, aptitude, achievement and personality testing
  • Career exploration and planning – resume and cover letter, career counselling, labour market analysis
  • Training and skill acquisition – computer training, workshops (occupational, employment preparation, soft and essential skills)
  • Job search – job search training, placement, job coaching, wage subsidy programs, retention
  • Additional services – ergonomic assessments, psychological assessment and treatment, disability management

Unique service delivery:

  • Available in different languages
  • Group and one-on-one services
  • In person, virtual and eLearning services
  • Individualized and client-focused

two women in meeting

Sarah, Job Seeker, Calgary

The Lifemark orientation really helped me understand where I may be able to improve my job search, as well as consider what career may be best for me. Their support through the one-on-one coaching was amazing... I highly recommend it for those who are looking to get back into the workforce [and] I have no doubt that [my coach is] responsible in part for the job offers I've received.

Have questions? Let’s connect.

If you have any questions about how our vocational rehabilitation and career and employment services can assist you, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to help you.

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