Intramuscular stimulation (IMS)

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Complementary treatment through IMS

IMS is a specialized dry needling technique (similar to acupuncture) to reduce pain and inflammation in a variety of muscle, skeletal and nerve problems.

When muscles relax it can also reduce the pressure on associated tendons and joints. IMS can successfully treat a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions and its effectiveness is supported by scientific literature.

Our IMS practitioners are certified to perform intramuscular stimulation. After we explain any potential risk of using the IMS technique, you will be asked to sign a consent form prior to receiving treatment.

Cost and coverage

Whether you are receiving physiotherapy, chiropractic service, massage therapy, occupational therapy or other types of rehabilitation services, most health insurance providers reimburse all or a portion of the fees.

Our clinic staff can help confirm your health insurance coverage. Your treatment may be partially or fully covered if you have extended health benefits, a worker’s compensation claim, or were injured in a motor vehicle accident.

Find a Lifemark clinic to determine the coverage options available to you which may include:

  • All third-party insurance
  • Extended health benefits
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Motor vehicle accident insurance

Please note that for payment, all major credit cards, debit, cash and personal cheques are accepted.

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