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Post COVID-19 rehabilitation and recovery program

Are you or a loved one still feeling the long term effects of COVID-19?

Whether you are struggling with fatigue, weakness, balance issues, brain fog, or other lasting symptoms, we are here to help.

* Note, this program is not for patients actively infected and/or with active symptoms of COVID-19.

What is the Post COVID-19 Rehabilitation and Recovery Program?

COVID-19 is unlike any other illness we've experienced.  As we recognize those that have experienced this illness often face long-term symptom, Lifemark has developed a new program to meet the emerging needs of Canadians called the Post COVID-19 Rehabilitation and Recovery Program.

The program was developed for individuals who had contracted the virus and continue to feel the physical and mental effects of this critical illness. The program addresses both the current and long-term needs of those affected by the pandemic.

The program was developed in collaboration with leading healthcare professionals across the country and reflects the most current research on the topic. Both rehabilitation and recovery services are available in-person or virtually.

What are the symptoms of long COVID?

  • Fatigue
  • Brain fog / difficulty with memory and concentration
  • Muscle weakness / joint pain
  • Shortness of breath / breathing challenges
  • Chest pain / heart complications
  • Headaches / balance issues
  • Mood changes and other mental health challenges

How does it work?

Over 15 disciplines, from physiotherapists and occupational therapists, to registered nurses and dieticians, are trained on the latest COVID-19 research and clinical best practices. Our multi-disciplinary approach to assessment and treatment is designed to help you recover as quickly and safely as possible.

Our team collaborates together and with doctors and other specialists (with your consent) to ensure you receive the treatment you need. Your treatment plan may include a combination of approaches such as physical exercise, manual therapy, vestibular therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, education and more.

While exercise can often help, we recognize it is not a medicine for all (especially those with ME/CFS, Post-Viral Fatigue Syndrome, and more) and it would only be included if deemed safe and appropriate. 

How can it help me?

As every situation is unique, we tailor our care to meet your needs. We can help address the physical symptoms, which may include extreme physical deconditioning, reduced respiratory capacity, impaired cardiac function and difficulty swallowing, in addition to psychosocial impacts like stress and cognitive issues such as confusion.

What can I expect at my initial appointment?

At your initial appointment your clinician will discuss any medical history that relates to your condition, so please bring details of any health problems and past treatments.

As well, an assessment will be conducted on the area or areas where you are experiencing discomfort. Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that will allow the area to be evaluated.

Lifemark’s multi-disciplinary services include the following:

Cost and coverage

Whether you are receiving physiotherapy, chiropractic service, massage therapy, occupational therapy or other types of rehabilitation services, most health insurance providers reimburse all or a portion of the fees.

Our clinic staff can help confirm your health insurance coverage. Your treatment may be partially or fully covered if you have extended health benefits, a worker’s compensation claim, or were injured in a motor vehicle accident.

Find a Lifemark clinic to determine the coverage options available to you which may include:

  • All third-party insurance
  • Extended health benefits
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Motor vehicle accident insurance

Please note that for payment, all major credit cards, debit, cash and personal cheques are accepted.

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Clinics offering the Post COVID-19 Rehabilitation and Recovery Program

Our clinics across Canada are offering the Post COVID-19 Rehabilitation and Recovery Program from trained clinicians. Find a clinic in your area.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Ajax - Lifemark Physiotherapy Harwood & Clements

Aurora - Lifemark Physiotherapy Aurora

Barrhaven - Pro Physio & Sport Medicine Centres Cedarview

Barrie - Lifemark Physiotherapy Bell Farm Road

Belleville - Belleville Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic

Bowmanville - Bowmanville Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine Centre - pt Health

Brampton - Lifemark Physiotherapy Fisherman & Hurontario

Brampton - Lifemark Physiotherapy North Bramalea

Brampton - pt Health - North Brampton

Brampton - The Sports Medicine Specialists

Burlington - Advance Physiotherapy - pt Health

Burlington - Brant Active Rehabilitation Centre - pt Health & Brant 730 Physiotherapy (OHIP)

Burlington - Harvester Road Physiotherapy - pt Health

Cambridge - Lifemark Physiotherapy Hespeler Road

Cambridge - Lifemark Physiotherapy Jamieson & Townline

Chatham - pt Health - Chatham Physiotherapy

Cornwall - Cornwall Physiotherapy - pt Health

Dunnville - Dunnville Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation -pt Health

Etobicoke - Four Seasons Physiotherapy - pt Health

Etobicoke - Six Points Physiotherapy And Rehabilitation - pt Health

Fonthill - Lifemark Physiotherapy Fonthill

Gloucester - Pro Physio & Sport Medicine Centres Gloucester

Hamilton - Lifemark Physiotherapy Main East & Kenilworth

Hamilton - Lifemark Physiotherapy Main West & Longwood

Hamilton - Lifemark Physiotherapy Mohawk & Upper Wellington

Hamilton - Limeridge Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation - pt Health

Hamilton - Mountain Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation - pt Health

Kanata - Pro Physio and Sport Medicine Centres Kanata Town

Kemptville - Pro Physio & Sport Medicine Centres Kemptville

Kingston - Lifemark Physiotherapy Blackburn & Taylor Kidd

Kingston - Proactive Physiotherapy - pt Health

Kingston - Summit Physiotherapy - Kingston

London - Lifemark Physiotherapy Downtown London

London - Lifemark Physiotherapy Westmount

London - Lifemark Physiotherapy White Oaks

London - Lifemark Physiotherapy Wortley Village

London - Old North Physiotherapy - pt Health

London - Springbank Physiotherapy - pt Health

Maple - Lifemark Physiotherapy Maple

Markham - Lifemark Physiotherapy Church Street

Midland - Midland Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre - pt Health

Milton - Lifemark Physiotherapy Derry & Bronte

Milton - Lifemark Physiotherapy River Ridge

Mississauga - Lifemark Physiotherapy City Centre

Mississauga - Lifemark Physiotherapy Meadowvale Town Centre

Mitchell - Stonetown Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic

Nepean - Pro Physio Active Aging & Rehab

Oakville - Lifemark Physiotherapy Lakeshore

Oakville - Trafalgar Physiotherapy - pt Health

Orangeville - Physio Plus Orthopaedic & Sports Injury Clinic

Orleans - Lifemark Physiotherapy Orléans

Orleans - Pro Physio & Sport Medicine Centres Navan

Orleans - Pro Physio & Sport Medicine Centres Ray Friel

Orleans - Pro Physio & Sport Medicine Centres Vantage

Oshawa - Lifemark Physiotherapy King East

Oshawa - Park Road Physiotherapy & Foot Clinic

Ottawa - Glebe Physiotherapy & Sport Medicine

Ottawa - Lifemark Neurologic Physiotherapy St-Laurent

Ottawa - Lifemark Physiotherapy Carlingwood Mall

Ottawa - Lifemark Physiotherapy Parkdale

Ottawa - NeuroLogic Physiotherapy - The Centre for Myofascial Release

Ottawa - Ottawa Sport Medicine Centre

Ottawa - Pro Physio & Sport Medicine Centres Algonquin

Ottawa - Pro Physio & Sport Medicine Centres Bank

Ottawa - Pro Physio & Sport Medicine Centres Body Works Plus

Ottawa - Pro Physio & Sport Medicine Centres Capital Sport

Ottawa - Pro Physio & Sport Medicine Centres Carling

Ottawa - Pro Physio & Sport Medicine Centres Conroy

Ottawa - Pro Physio & Sport Medicine Centres Crown Pointe

Ottawa - Pro Physio & Sport Medicine Centres Holland Cross

Ottawa - Pro Physio & Sport Medicine Centres Jeanne d'Arc

Ottawa - Pro Physio & Sport Medicine Centres March Road

Ottawa - Pro Physio & Sport Medicine Centres Merivale

Ottawa - Pro Physio & Sport Medicine Centres Montreal Road

Ottawa - Pro Physio & Sport Medicine Centres Pro Plus

Ottawa - Pro Physio & Sport Medicine Centres Riverside Court

Ottawa - Pro Physio & Sport Medicine Centres Sensplex

Ottawa - Pro Physio & Sport Medicine Centres Strandherd

Peterborough - Adaptive Health Care Solutions

Peterborough - Peterborough Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic

Pickering - Lifemark Physiotherapy Kingston & Brock

Rockland - Pro Physio & Sport Medicine Centres Rockland

Scarborough - Central Scarborough Physiotherapy Clinic - pt Health

Scarborough - Lifemark Physiotherapy & Sport Medicine Rouge Valley

Scarborough - Lifemark Physiotherapy Scarborough Village

St. Catharines - Lifemark Physiotherapy Pelham & Glendale

St. Catharines - St. Catharines Physiotherapy Centre

St. Marys - Stonetown Physiotherapy & Sports Injuries Clinic

St. Thomas - Lifemark Physiotherapy Elm & Wilson

Stoney Creek - Queenston Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation - pt Health

Stoney Creek - Stoney Creek Physiotherapy - pt Health

Stratford - Stratford Physiotherapy Centre - pt Health

Tecumseh - Lifemark Physiotherapy Tecumseh

Thorold - Thorold Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation - pt Health

Toronto - East Toronto Orthopaedic & Sports Injury Clinic

Toronto - Lifemark Physiotherapy Bay & Bloor

Toronto - Lifemark Physiotherapy Dufferin & Castlefield

Toronto - Lifemark Physiotherapy Leslie & Sheppard

Toronto - Trilogy Physiotherapy - Bloor West

Toronto - Trilogy Physiotherapy - Downtown

Trenton - Trenton Physiotherapy - pt Health

Unionville - Lifemark Physiotherapy Unionville Gate

Val Caron - Lifemark Physiotherapy Val Caron

Waterdown - Flamborough Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation - pt Health

Welland - Lifemark Physiotherapy Welland

Whitby - Lifemark Physiotherapy Brock & Dundas

Windsor - Lifemark Physiotherapy Dougall & Ouellette

Woodbridge - Lifemark Physiotherapy Pine Valley

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