A new year awaits. Envision the life you want.

Monday, Dec. 25, 2017
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Every six months I take a step back and take a look at my life - and the direction I want to take. I do this once near the beginning of the year and again mid-year. I do a quick check of anything that I have accomplished or that has recently changed. Often those changes were long-term goals that I realize I have achieved. Doing this helps me focus and be grateful for my life. It also gives me confidence to pursue further goals.

man sitting outside in the woods thinking

As the New Year approaches:

  1. Give yourself the gift of reflection. We’re often busy with the holidays and thinking of others that we put ourselves on the back burner.  Take some time, do something that you enjoy, preferably alone. During this time, think of all the things you have recently accomplished.  Thank yourself, even if things have been difficult. Give yourself credit for your endurance and perseverance.  
  2. Envision your future. We are constantly evolving and should remain open to the opportunities that may arise. When we think ahead, we must listen to our intuition.  We also may have confidants who make suggestions on a direction to take.  Ask people in your circle what they see for you.  Surprisingly others that have an outside perspective, can provide you with real insight to consider.  
  3. Set your intentions. Whether it’s improving your health, your career or your personal life, envision how you will feel as you attain the goals. Don’t be too specific. You may have ideas but be open to all of the possibilities that may arise. This will help alleviate disappointment. This will also allow you to keep an open mind and move in a more positive direction.

In the past few months, I purchased a small home at a nearby lake. A dream I had given up on years previously. When I came across the property by chance, even though it was during the busiest time of year for me, I didn’t allow that to stop me. I had a window of opportunity and I took it. As I sit in my little lake house during the holidays, I will reflect.  I also will have the confidence to think ahead of what 2018 might look like. The possibilities are endless.

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