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5 great alternatives to traditional gifting

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Maeve Morgan-Feir blog author

Maeve Morgan-Feir

Occupational Therapist

Thursday, Dec. 16, 2021
hands wrapping gifts with various symbols of holidays

While the holidays are a happy time of year for many, it can also come with financial stressors. Last year, we shared 5 action steps to help reduce financial stress over the holidays. This year, we wanted to share 5 alternatives to traditional gifting. 

Here are 5 alternatives you can think about as you complete your holiday gift giving and organize or participate in events:

1. Take an “occupational” perspective

Consider planning an outing or a festive event such as a gingerbread decorating session in lieu of gifts. Since structured time use is a predictor of mental health, this may have more benefits than you realize!

2. Go thrifting

Why does a gift need to be new? Check out your local thrift store for some alternative gifting options. 

3. Give the gift of a strategy

Why not take some time this holiday season to impart a piece of knowledge you have learned from one of your healthcare providers? The gift of your time and knowledge can be invaluable to others. 

4. Practice loving kindness

What better time of year is there to share genuine positive thoughts? Loving kindness is a mindfulness/meditation strategy in which a list of positive and genuine mantras are repeated and focused upon. Try sharing in this with a loved one by writing genuine positive thoughts about each other in lieu of traditional gifts. 

5. Consider your skills and talents

Close friends and family love to share in what is unique to us. Consider sharing a gift of yours, such as a hand painted drawing or home cooked meal this holiday season.

We hope these strategies assist in supporting you from a financial and psychological perspective this holiday season.

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Author Details

Maeve Morgan-Feir blog author

Maeve Morgan-Feir

Occupational Therapist

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