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Ghassan received his Ph.D in Physical Education and Sport while in the Ukraine. His passion for knowledge has led him to continue his education in health care and he is currently studying Osteopathic Medicine.

Ghassan is also Graston Specialist Certified and specialized in Formthotics, a quick and easy alternative to traditional orthotics. His other certifications include Exercise Therapy Association Level 2 and acupuncture/dry needling. He is an FMT mobility specialist, Can – Fit Pro Certified, as well as certified with Rocktape.

In his youth, Ghassan was a Professional Waterpolo Player. Later, he coached at the Competitive Level for both Syria and the Ukraine. He has a keen interest in swimming and Waterpolo specific injuries.

His most recent certification is Level 1 FST (Frederick Stretch Therapy, formerly known as Fascial Stretch Therapy) with the Stretch to Win Institute.

FST is a series of movements created to separate and organize the many connective tissue layers surrounding the muscles, joints, organs, and bones. It incorporates breathing techniques and traction while taking joints to their available pain free ranges. Gentle muscle contraction may also be used to achieve length and decrease tone in muscles. Some of the benefits of FST are: Improved flexibility, improvements in strength, improved balance, improved coordination, improvements in alignment, correction of pelvic rotations and an overall better quality of life.  Ghassan believes in setting up his clients to "Live Life Well".


  • Level 1 FST Therapist