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Joe Koshman
Joe Koshman

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The goal of my practice is to help clients do the activities they desire in life easily and pain free. I believe this can be achieved by understanding each client individually, highlighting their goals and working collaboratively towards achieving these goals. Although there are many treatment methods available, I believe detailed exercise prescription focusing on movement quality and strength is key in rehabilitation.

Growing up in Okotoks, I have been involved with various sporting organizations in the town. Through my experience with Okotoks minor sport, I developed a deep passion for sport and physical activity. It was also during my Okotoks sporting career that I first encountered Bob and the wonderful staff we have here at Summit-Lifemark.

These experiences would lay the foundation for my interest in physiotherapy. In the following years, I always had the desire to return to my home town and work at the clinic where I had my first experiences with the profession.

Fast forward through a collegiate baseball career, an Undergraduate degree from the University of Lethbridge and a Masters degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Saskatchewan, life has come full circle for me to where my passion for the profession, sport and activity began.

I could not be more excited to be back in my home town servicing the community I love.

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