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Registered Massage Therapist
Registered Massage Therapist

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Melody is a highly skilled and compassionate individual with a diverse educational background and extensive experience in the field of healthcare and wellness. Her journey in healthcare began with her training at the Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy, where she developed a strong foundation in massage therapy techniques.

Melody has pursued various certifications and training programs to enhance her abilities in supporting individuals' holistic well-being. She delved into alternative healing modalities with training in Traditional Chinese Cupping Medicine and completing more than 200-hours Yoga program, showcasing her dedication to holistic health practices. Moreover, she expanded her skill set with Fascial Stretch Therapy, adding another dimension to her therapeutic repertoire.

With more than 10 years of experience, she has provided patient-centred care, helping her clients on their road to recovery. She finds joy in helping others and believes that aiding others ultimately benefits herself. In her free time, she enjoy practicing yoga and taking interesting courses.

Melody is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of others through her passion for holistic health and wellness. She is available for massage therapy services at the Greektown East Toronto Orthopaedic & Sports Injury Clinic.