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Sanaz Davarian
PhD, MSc, BSc Physiotherapy

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Sanaz graduated with Bachelor’s degree in Iran in 2003 and started working as a physiotherapist afterwards. She continued her academic education and graduated with PhD degree in 2012. She has been working as an assistant professor before moving to Canada that helped her teach Bachelor, Master, and PhD students, supervise many research projects and publish scientific papers regarding lower back, neck and knee pain.

Sanaz has more than 15 years of experience in clinical practice in private clinics and public hospitals mainly in neuromusculoskeletal disorders. Regarding her clinical experience, she is expert in spinal and pelvic pain, knee disorders and shoulder injuries. She used to work and has had many clients with spinal postural malalignments (juvenile scoliosis/hyperkyphosis). She is also very interested in manual techniques, kinesiotaping, Pilates and has participated in many international workshops to expand her knowledge and skill. She also used to teach different manual approaches. Sanaz is happy that she can help patients who suffer from certain types of tinnitus and headache using manual techniques.

Sanaz insists on the idea that patient is the centre of a collaborative multidisciplinary team. She strongly believes that long-term benefits of physiotherapy can be achieved by patient's active participation throughout their treatment sessions, appropriate exercise program and a good healthy lifestyle. She also believes in gradual discharge of patients and regular follow-ups to be able to monitor how successful they are in managing their pain/problem. Each patient should have a good image of their condition before discharge and needs to know what to do after termination of their treatment. Sanaz understands that treatment is a tip of an iceberg and therefore her main focus is to find out the source of patient’s main complaint by taking a good history from clients and examining them thoroughly.

Sanaz used to be a professional swimmer and basketball player. She used to do high level aerobics and Pilates after she got married. Nowadays, she is more interested in hiking and biking with her family, doing workout, reading books and spending time with her friends. In her opinion, everyone should be on a regular safe exercise program to maintain a good balance with their routine sedentary lifestyle. She is able to speak English and Farsi.