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Christina Zurita
Registered Massage Therapist

Available at multiple locations

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Since graduating from The Alberta College of Massage Therapy in 2016, Christina's love of massage therapy and healing has taken her around the world. From Hawaii to Thailand, she has continued learning the newest, most effective, and powerful massage techniques to share with clients on their wellness journey. She has a core belief that every 'body' is different and every massage needs to be custom tailored to each client every time they see her. From custom pressure to focus areas, every massage is a new opportunity to assess muscle condition and range of motion throughout the body to optimize time together.

Christina previously worked at Achieve Spa in Fort McMurray, named one of the top 25 spas in Canada. She has collaborated with Chiropractors, Doctors, and Physiotherapists for the wellbeing of her clients and often incorporates professional feedback and consideration from other health professionals on a wide variety of conditions. She treats a wide range of clientele from children, elderly and autistic clients and treats occupation specific clientele such as office workers with common issues such as rounded shoulder, and carpal tunnel. Christina loves incorporating cupping into her massage for those stubborn knots and essential oils to relax the body, and clear the mind.  

In her spare time, you can find her walking through Telford Lake, or at the local Leduc coffee shop sipping tea.