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Daniel Godinho
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Daniel Godinho is a Registered Physiotherapist. The early stages of his career began in 2009, when he worked as a personal trainer at LA Fitness. From there, he went on to create his own personal training service, Ignition Training, until 2015.

After graduating from Brock University with a Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology, Daniel went on to study at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, completing his Doctor of Physiotherapy in 2018.

Daniel has been actively learning along the way, and worked as a Kinesiologist in various Ontario physio clinics to get some extra hands on experience during his studies. His experience has ranged from working in the hospital setting with post-operative patients, to working on the sidelines with Australian Football sports teams.

From an early age, Daniel has been interested in fitness, health promotion, and human anatomy. He has been studying Martial Arts since the age of 4, and has since worked and trained multiple MMA fighters.

Above all else, Daniel has a passion for helping others to not only overcome their injuries, but also to understand them. He is constantly researching and advancing his knowledge in the field of Physiotherapy. Being and advocate for health and fitness, Daniel is active in debunking myths to provide real facts about fitness, food, and the human body. He is dedicated to ensuring each client he works with receives the best care possible, and leaves the clinic with a sense of relief and positivity.