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Lewis Fischer
Registered Massage Therapist

Available at multiple locations

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Lewis has a diverse athletic background with a strong initial focus on baseball. As an adult, he has transitioned this focus into mountain sports.

With a passion for biomechanics and the stress the body goes through daily, Lewis is fascinated by how compensation can occur from person to person depending on their history.

Lewis has experience helping with a variety of athletic, traumatic, or overuse injuries, as well as helping through rehab from motor vehicle accidents, and enjoys getting people back to activity as quickly and safely as possible post-injury. Realizing that the process of recovery is different for everyone, Lewis will use all the tools in his tool belt to help you along your path to recovery.

Lewis is a graduate of the Canadian Institute of Traditional Medicine's massage program and is currently continuing his education through the Canadian College of Osteopathy. Lewis used a blend of orthopaedic testing and osteopathic assessment to help you in your path to better health.

Lewis places great value in ensuring that your body is optimally suited for handling any stress life or activity can throw at you.