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Rob Gallant
Physiotherapy Resident

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Rob completed a Master of Science in Physical Therapy degree after earning his Bachelor of Kinesiology and Physical Education degree, both from the University of Toronto. With a background as a registered kinesiologist, Rob has spent several years helping clients achieve their fitness goals and recover from common injuries. His interest and expertise extend to promoting physical activity and wellbeing among seniors, as well as assisting athletes in their journey back to their sport. 

His commitment to professional growth is evident through his pursuit of post-graduate training in manual therapy, which enhances his ability to develop tailored treatment plans for each client. His therapeutic approach is comprehensive and holistic, involving a thorough assessment, client education, personalized exercise prescription, and hands-on manual therapy techniques.

Rob has a history as a martial artist, having competed in Muay Thai, kickboxing, Brazilian Jiujitsu, and MMA. Outside of the physiotherapy clinic, he enjoys outdoor activities like cycling and hiking, as well as playing musical instruments.