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Having been practicing in physical therapy for about 11 years now, William graduated with Bachelor's degree in Medical rehabilitation with Physiotherapy major from Nigeria, where he was avidly involved in sports, especially basketball, volunteering and continued education. He has always been passionate about helping others to achieve their goals and was interested in pursuing a career in health care from a young age. This passion, combined with a personal experience of the journey from sport injury to recovery, led him to a career in physiotherapy.

Ever since then he has gone on to practice in a wide variety of settings, in both Nigeria and Canada, including hospital, acute care and outpatient settings, treating various conditions which may be musculoskeletal, Neurological and Cardiopulmonary in origin. This includes but not limited to post-surgical rehab like knee replacements, knee arthroscopic surgeries, meniscus repairs, hip replacements, Hip internal and external fixations , fractures, mechanical low back pain, radiculopathies, osteoarthritis, spondylolisthesis, disc prolapse, neck pain, shoulder arthroscopy, shoulder replacement, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, tennis and golfers elbow release surgeries, Acute care, post CABG surgery rehab, Post lung surgery rehab, pulmonary and cardiac rehab, cerebral palsy, CVA, TBI , spinal cord injury amongst others.

A strong believer in exercise therapy and patient education he also is skilled at using modalities and manual therapy in treatment believes and provides patients with a good understanding as to the nature of their injury, as well as explaining the treatment choices he makes. In an effort to contribute more to preventative medicine on the community level, he also has a Master’s degree in Public Health. Whether your goal is to rehabilitate from an injury, manage pain, return to sports, return to work, begin sports, improve fitness or posture, William will use a patient, friendly and custom approach to treatment planning to help you achieve your goals. William is also a SGI and WCB approved care provider.