My doctor just told me I have a concussion - how long until I get better?

Wednesday, Apr. 5, 2017
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The good news? Most concussion related issues resolve spontaneously within 7-10 days.

The real answer? It depends…

Recovery and healing time following a concussion really depends on you as an individual. The average length of recovery for concussions is 26.2 days. That said, a number of different factors influence recovery time including your specific lifestyle, risk factors and the type of injury you suffered.   

There are some features and/or risk factors that may predict who is more likely to experience a lengthier recovery. 

•    Age – children typically take longer to recover than adults
•    Gender – females are at greater risk of sustaining a concussion and can also take longer to recover
•    Prior concussion(s) – already having had a concussion increases risk of prolonged recovery from any subsequent injury
•    History of migraines
•    Severity of the concussion and what part of the brain was injured

Early and appropriate advice and intervention following a concussion is key to a quick and safe recovery. 

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As I outlined in my last blog rest is an essential part of concussion management during the early stages. Insufficient or ill-timed rest can make symptoms last longer - however too much rest is also not helpful. Balance is key!

If concussion-related symptoms persist beyond two weeks it is important to seek help from a healthcare professional about how to best resume light activity to speed recovery. 

Research no longer supports the belief that resting in a quiet, dark room, alone until symptoms fully resolve is best following a concussion. An active approach to recovery has proven to achieve quicker recovery.      

Our multi-disciplinary concussion care therapists take an active approach to concussion management and are equipped to guide you through all stages of recovery. To learn more about our concussion care program or to find a therapist near you, please visit

Watch for my next post on how to tell when a concussion is healed.