Therapist profile: Harpreet Singh

Thursday, Jun. 1, 2017

Harpreet Singh is the clinic director at Lifemark Village Square, in Calgary, AB.

Harpreet graduated with a Bachelor in Physiotherapy in 2004 from India. He also holds a Masters degree in musculoskeletal physiotherapy (2008) from India. Over the past 10 years, he has acquired a broad range of experience in acupuncture, IMS, manual therapy, vestibular therapy and concussion rehab.

In clinical practice, Harpreet's treatment philosophy includes using manual therapy to restore joint mechanics followed by muscle retraining and motor control strategies to correct movement dysfunction. Harpreet provides individualized, one-on-one treatment and develops exercise programs geared toward the level and goals of the patient. Harpreet’s focus is unwaveringly on the needs of his patients.

Education, experience, and an analytical mind set Harpreet apart. Harpreet has completed courses in vestibular rehabilitation, concussion training, spinal manipulation, McKenzie (lumbar spine mechanical diagnosis and therapy), Mulligan manual therapy, advances in hip rehabilitation, Maitland professional development course on manual therapy for vertebral column, dry needling/IMS, acupuncture, and certification in temporomandibular joint disorders.

Earlier in 2017, Harpreet was featured on an hour-ling radio talk show , RED FM 106.7 Calgary. He discussed vestibular rehabilitation, symptoms and when people should see a vestibular therapist. Harpreet took four live calls from listeners. He also provided valuable information about concussion, specifically the signs and symptoms of concussion in children and noted the responsibility of parents and coaches in the proper treatment and rehabilitation of a head injury.

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