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D'Arcy’s goal is eliminate his patient’s barriers of physical potential and mental wellbeing, and to develop power, confidence and independence.

To help patients move more quickly from pain to power, D'Arcy incorporates practices such as IMS dry needling, KT taping, trigger point/myofascial release, spinal manipulation, progressive loading, and education on pain theory.

D'Arcy Gainor started his vestibular training with Lifemark in 2006 and completed the vestibular program at Emory in Atlanta in 2010. As a clinician who has treated concussion and vestibular loss five days a week for the past fifteen years, D’Arcy is quite familiar with the management of injuries in this domain.

He has learned that sensory awareness and “knowing thyself” have the most profound impact on recovery. Although these injuries are complex, recovery often comes from mastery of the simplest things.

D’Arcy’s vision of health stems from his purusit of joy and the daily practice of physical and mental exertion and rest. He believes that engaging in your own definition of these terms are vital in moving towards the best version of yourself. The most exciting part is that it’s never too late to begin.

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  • IMS
  • Vestibular rehabilitation