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Riddhi Makadia
Resident PT
Physiotherapy Resident

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Riddhi Makadia has a keen interest in sports, fitness and rehabilitation, which is very much reflected in her academic achievements and previous employment experience. She has six years of experience in managing, diagnosing and therapeutically catering care to patients, including two years of experience working as a resident physiotherapist in Canada.

She has expertise in direct assessment and care of patients with musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, stroke and parkinsonism related long term care, brain and spinal cord injury (traumatic and nontraumatic), etc. She has also worked with women and geriatric population, understanding their mental and physical conditions in depth. She has worked with women needing core muscle strengthening and pelvic health physiotherapy (for pregnancy and uterine prolapse, mainly). She has sound knowledge of ergonomics, as well as postural derangements, and has delivered lectures on office ergonomics as part of health and safety regulation delivery vocations. She is involved in differentially diagnosing the condition and proceeding for proper customized treatments, and helps patients understand the adjunct care provided by orthoses, braces, as well as the application of Mulligan and kinesiological taping, self-mobilization at home, etc.

She has had exposure to a wide range of patients, from young athletes involved in sports injuries, sprains and strains, to the geriatric population suffering from osteoarthritis and other degenerative disorders. She has three years of experience in recruiting, managing and training a group of 15 to 20 trainees and interns. She strives to motivate and assist her patients to improve their general health and make positive changes to their lifestyles in order to achieve personal goals and create long lasting effects of care.

Qualifications: Master's degree in Physiotherapy (Orthopedic & Sports) (Gold medalist), Bachelor's degree in Physiotherapy, Mulligan mobilization manual therapy course, Maitland mobilization manual therapy course. Riddhi is registered with Ontario College of Physiotherapists. Her interests include adventure sports and reading - having up to date knowledge about recent advancements in anatomy and physiology interest her as much as a great book.

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