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Robin McCulloch photo
Robin McCulloch
Brace Fitter

Available at multiple locations


If you are in need of an ACL Knee Brace to get back to your sport of choice or an
Unloader Knee Brace to slow down the degeneration of cartilage in your knee,
Robin, AKA "The Brace Lady" is the one to see.

She’s been servicing THE Downtown Sports Clinics clients’ knee bracing needs
since 1999. "The Brace Lady" travels from Lethbridge every other Wednesday
morning to consult, assess, measure and fit Calgarians for their required knee

Robin is a graduate of the University of Calgary and the Founder of HiTech Bracing
Ltd. She has been the recipient of various business awards over the years, including
YWCA Women of Distinction, Top 100 Female Canadian Entrepreneurs and
Chamber Customer Services award.

Robin wears a ligament knee brace to stabilize her knee while she enjoys downhill
skiing and soccer.

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