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Sebastien Major-Chatelain
Osteopathic Practitioner

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Sebastien is an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner and comes with over 15 years of clinical-setting experience. He started working with PPC as a physiotherapist-assistant in 2005, which sparked his interest to further his patient care knowledge. He initially studied osteopathy in Montreal (2007-2011) and is currently continuing to study Stillian-based osteopathy in hopes of becoming a teacher.

Osteopathy sees the body as an integrated functional unit – meaning that the patient’s symptomology is often more widespread than his complaints. As restricted motion of one part of the body would cascade into restricting other areas, changing normal movement patterns and disturbing reflex arcs which would then hinder your health and the body’s ability to interact with its inner/outer environment.

By using a meticulous methodology, an OMP is able to determine the origin and effects associated to aging, trauma and/or other experiences, in order to create and administer an appropriate treatment plan.

Mr. Chatelain has completed many additional clinical courses and values continuing education. He is a professional member in good standing with the SOC / SOQ.