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Shweta Selukar
RPT, Mulligan Pract.

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Shweta is a sports and orthopaedic physiotherapist. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy from India. She then moved to Canada to pursue her Master's degree in Rehabilitation Science from McGill University where she worked very closely with people with Multiple Sclerosis. She graduated from McGill University in 2015 and moved to Ottawa to continue her practice in clinical setting and has been working with Pro Physio since.

She continues to provide care to patients of all age groups with different needs and challenges. Her treatments are tailored to your specific injury so you can return back to the quality of life you deserve. Shweta believes in active hands on-approach with her patients and always had keen interest in manual therapy.

She continued this interest by completing all three levels of Mulligans Mobilization is now a Certified Mulligan Practitioner. She uses variety of other techniques including McKenzie technique, Acupuncture, Myofascial Release, Taping, Cupping and Shock Wave Therapy. She has also competed certification in Temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders.

Shweta has wide range of experience in treatment of chronic pain, pre and post-operative care, arthritis and other degenerative diseases, bursitis/tendinitis, fractures, joint replacements, sport related sprain/strain/tear/ligament injuries, temporomandibular joint disorders.

Along with working in clinical setting, Shweta also has four years of experience working with seniors in retirement homes across Ottawa where her treatment approach was focused on musculoskeletal conditioning, balance retaining, fall prevention and chronic pain management. In her free time Shweta like to practice yoga, cooking, and enjoys going for hikes.